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Bleeding Edge Series 4 - 7-inch Angelica Noir Black first shot Figurine

Full name: Angelica Noir
Pets: Albino frog named White Zombie
Favorite Colors: Black with a hint of blue luminescence
Likes: Digging for bugs, curling her hair, chocolate covered grapes, hot cheetos, big hair, jawbreakers, Eric Draven, Robert Smith, drag queens, fog machines, and dramatic stage lights.
Dislikes: Insect bines, cages, trapped animals, moth balls, gum smacking, split-ends, Aqua Net hairspray, and crimped hair.

7IN SERIES 4 ANGELICA NOIR - First shot in black

The First Shot Version is the first figure created from the mold, these have the most preserved detail. Figure is cast in an unpainted solid material, but still has silver piercings.