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Delilah Blackheart 7" Figure Series5 Black 1st shot

Full name: Delilah Blackheart
Pets: Sea turtle, "Johnny"
Favorite colors: Gold, silver, ruby red & emerald green
Likes: Rated "Rrrr" movies, booty, Dramamine, speak like a pirate day, beef jerky, Adam Ant, jigs, mermaids, Moby Dick, scavenger hunts, and 80's dance clubs
Dislikes: Scurvy, walking the plank, mutiny, squalls, scabs and scallywags, swabbing the poop deck, and The Village People

7 IN SERIES 5 DELILAH- First shot in black

The First Shot Version is the first figure created from the mold, these have the most preserved detail. Figure is cast in an unpainted solid material, but still has silver piercings.