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Bleeding Edge Series 5 - 7-inch Jaqueline LeSpades Black first shot Figurine.

Full name: Jaqueline LeSpades
Pets: Rat, "Houdini"
Favorite colors: Red, black & white
Likes: Renaissance fairs, Shakespeare, poker, cherry & punch flavored Nerds, D&D, telling jokes, thespians, Danse Macabre, old movie posters, fried bananas, musicals, Bauhaus art, chess, Mozard (while juggling daggers), chainmail clothing, and jewelry
Dislikes: Lack of attention, hairdryers, bumper cars, Ice Capades, moldy bread, hemlock, Elizabeth Bothery, & iron maidens

7 IN SERIES 5 JAQUELINE- First shot in black

The First Shot Version is the first figure created from the mold, these have the most preserved detail. Figure is cast in an unpainted solid material, but still has silver piercings.