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Bleeding Edge Series 5 - 7-inch Joani Rotten- Black first shot Figurine.

Full name: Joani Rotten
Pets: Tarantula, "Brody"
Favorite Colors: Hot pink & black
Likes: Stand up bass, singing in band, fake eyelashes, dramatic makeup, Hootenanny, Bar-B-Ques, MySpace, sacred hearts, classic car shows, Sailor Jerry tattoos, Sid & Nancy, milkshakes, Johnny Cash, The Damned, and Dapper Dan.
Dislikes: Palm Pilots, recumbent bikes, dark chocolate, hippies, MTV, and wireless mikes.

7 IN SERIES 5 JOANI- First shot in black

The First Shot Version is the first figure created from the mold, these have the most preserved detail. Figure is cast in an unpainted solid material, but still has silver piercings.