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Bleeding Edge Series 4 (Regular) Belfry, Desiree, Gaston Minor Misfits Plush Doll set

This set comes with all 3 plush dolls from Series 4 Minor Misfits


Series 4 Minor misfits

Full name: Belfry

Pets: lady bug; "Memphis"

Favorite colors: Red/black azure

Likes: Fried peanut butter & banana sandwiches, Dapper Dan, gold trimmed shades, Beale street, tabloids, Elvis memorabilia, visiting graceland, Sun Records, and Lickem' Aids

Dislikes: August 17, 1977

Full name: Desiree Decay

Pets: Bumblebee; "T.Rex"

Favorite colors: Purple & silver

Likes: Candy, sugar cubes, soda, Aba Zaba, tongue rings, kids who don't brush their teeth, plaque & chewing gum

Dislikes: Bumping into the Tooth Fairy, flossing, flouride, braces, head gear, anthing sugar free & orthodontist

Full name: Gaston Le Boo

Pets: Moth; "Zapper"

Favorite colors: Deep blue & black

Likes: Old abandoned mansions, unsolved mysteries, paranormal psychologists, vinegar chips, root beer floats, & haunting San Quentin (nothing like seeing tough guys scared)

Dislikes: Ghostbusters, demons, worms, scaring children, chains, & whiney ghosts